Enlightenment Programs was launched in 2016 by Eshameh Victor Imoudu as an easy to share with the adolescents information leading to knowledge to enhance wisdom and skilled productivity.


To turn in totality minds especially that of the adolescents into a productive and resourceful vineyard of blameless fruits through our enlightenment programs


Our values are guided by three (3) Es. Enlightenment is our second ‘e’ – entertain, enlighten, empower. Our intention is to promote a reliable society through enlightenment and empowerment.

We provide
creative exposure

With the combination of campaigning and operational approach, we have continually been able to effect change in policies affecting adolescents, social and cultural dynamics and human right in general. At the same time, we have organise programmes that assists individual and victim through advocacy work. We plan and host events and demonstations that keeps our goals on the go! We promote a better life for adolescents by raising awareness and passing knowledge through media and specific events. We mobilise financial resources, materials and volunteers to create programs.

We offer creative solutions!

Our operations are based on (3) three orientations – SERVICE, PARTICIPATION and EMPOWERING.

Service Orientation

We provide services in the area of education, health, relationship, and for victims (abuse, harassement and bully).

Participatory Orientation

We initaite self-help projects where people participate in the implementation of community projects by contributing cash, tools, land, materials, labour, etc.

Empowering Orientation

We help people (adolescents) discover or recover their spot and help channel their resources to a dreamed enterprise


We take pleasure in interacting and grooming like-minds and here is an avenue created by the centre to interact and groom adolescents with amazing skills and talent.



An annual workshop that brings together fresh graduates across the country to a series of brainstorming session on life, work and worklife; and how best to strike a balance with the three based on individual capacity



People would say, ‘action speaks louder than voice’. Hence, our works have all it takes to speak up for us. Take a look at some of our executed projects…

Career Enlightenment Outreach

This program was initiated in 2016 with a focus on college students. This program is to help student understand the importance of a clear career choice and how to attain this desire.

Skill Enlightenment Outreach

This was kicked off in Ilorin, Kwara state. This outreach is to reach out to adolescents on how to discover and develop the skills they possess.

The Book Smile

This campaign started in 2018 due to our belief that every child deserves a charming smile on their face which is achievable through knowledge often available in books

Progress Report 

In the journey of a thousand miles,  you could always know how much  your support and love have led us to providing great free services 




Our Testimonials

This centre carefully looks at the desire for want and needs which has become complicated leading to most youth loss of talent and engagement in crime, such as cultism; waywardness; kidnapping; and others, which is affecting both young, old and generations to come.

Jane Takon

Director, Ministry of Education, Ikom, Cross River State

If you are lost and have concluded that your future has nothing to offer, just hold on, contact this centre, and you will certainly find your way back to life. This is my recommendation for all African youth.

Ubi Obeten

Veteran Broadcaster

This centre has continually proven that the leaders of tomorrow are children and they are doing perfectly well building that future with great ideas and life-transforming programs and projects.

Dr. David Ehindero

Lead Strategist, NIWOSEC


Engines keeps the train running; At Giftedminds Enlightenment Centre there are several manpower piloting the train of this station and here are just a few

Perpetua Ukakogu

Programmes, Production Officer 

Victor Eshameh

Research, Content Officer & Orator

Luqman Sulyman

Projects, Evaluation Officer & Orator

Faith Edegbero

Logistics and Mobilization Officer

Sanusi Yahuza

Orator and Legal Expert

Sodeeq Abdulakeem

writer and orator

Goodluck Ibn Muhammed

Motion, Still and Media Expert

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The Right Mix Always Make The Difference

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