Creating a bigger, brighter and better society

Our operations are based on (3) three orientations:

Service to humanity is considered the best work of life. The essence of life and living won’t be utterly impeccable if it is lived void of service. Identifying the worth of selfless service in nation building and preferment of diligence and decency, we have embraced service as a vital tool to help communities around in the area of education, health, relationship and also victims of abuse, harassment and bully. We have chosen these areas as core focus due to the intense effect they all have in national development.

The development of a nation does not lie in the economic strength of the nation alone; the social life of its citizens should be on check. Relationship is a critical aspect of human life and it has proven to be the hallmark of human decision-making. Humans are always going to pass judgment or express openness and kind gesture to another base on how related they are to the other. The process of setting relationship starts from the home and extend to the neighborhood, the community, the state and gradually the nation. One of our major concerns is building love foundations among homes and communities. This is because where there is love the law will be so easy to practice.

There is no doubt that no nation will strive with sick and dying citizens. For a nation to remain hearty its dwellers must be healthy. We have recognized the value in proper health care which is evidently lacking in our society not as a result of lack of “fund” or “availability” of health care facilities but often as a result of negligence. Negligence exists in the part of the medical teams and also in the part of citizens. Significance is not given to health until we are sick. Often, we result to self-medication as the quickest way to help improve our health and vitality. This way of life has proven to be a dicey approach to wellness. On the other hand, the medical teams have incessantly shown no penitence for the way sick persons are treated in their facilities. Sometimes, it feels like the health care centers only possess health but lack care. For standard health to be attained, proper healthcare orientation is an utmost need.

Education is a key to doors of unlimited opportunities, and as such, no child should be denied access to quality education. We have recognized that proper education will not only prosper an individual but bring about creative thinking, entrepreneurship and solid innovation. We are not only advocating for western education, we seek to ensure that the importance of African educational history is not killed. We are identifying with all forms of legal apprenticeship in any area of artisanship and indigenous skill. We believe education is not just about what is obtainable within the walls of a school; and that children should be encouraged to learn and become better in their skill or talent. Our pursuit in this course is to help motivate students to pursue their educational interest, learn a craft and think beyond the scope they find themselves in. We are interested in aiding educational process with resources that will enable a smooth transition of knowledge.

We cannot deny the fact that there are hunted and hurtled people amidst us who have met with ill-fate due to numerous unfortunate incidents. It is regrettably true that our society is a struggling society which concerns itself with its immediate family and worries less about others. But we cannot close our eyes to victims of abuse, harassment and bully. This is one of the best ways to cub these actions. It is the duty of the fit to fight for the unfit; doing this will increase the chances saneness in the society. We have chosen this service to demand justice for and defend the image of victims of abuse, harassment and bully. On this course, we sought for legal assistance from non-governmental organizations and legal bodies passionate about these people.

Our services might be limited to the above, but we sure welcome ideas on other services needed and we will surely provide recommendations to agency, service providers, NGOs etc. who will be glad to assist you. 

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